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Brand, was born in 1989, the main products of the startup were audio transformers and low-frequency power transformers. In the1980s, there were many types of transformers, such as U-type, E-type, R-type, ringtype and so on. The founder selected two of the models (U-type and E-type) to combine (UE), adding the red lighting symbolto the bottom to energize and empower the logo,representing electronic products are the development direction. 

Since its inception, the brand has manufactured a variety of products from audio transformers, low-frequency power transformers, linear power adapters, small to medium switching  power adapters, high-power LED outdoor power supplies, civil-related power products (mobile power, USB multi-interface chargers, panel USB chargers, Wireless chargers) a number of product transformation to meet customers, market development needs. "UE" is similar to the character of the EU abbreviation "EU", with its dedication to product positioning and high quality, and has received high praise from many customers in Europe. 

Advancing with the dream,grew up in honesty and pragmatism. Sailing for the goal,developed through innovation and efforts.

 UE power, love the Earth!

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