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  • Product number:UE30LC2-SPA Power:30W The output voltage:12.0V Output current:0.01-2.50A View
  • Product number:UES100DZ-SPA(Medical Adapter) Power:100W The output voltage:12-24V Output current:4.16-7.50A View
  • Product number:UES65B1-XXXYYYSPA(Medical Adapter) Power:65W The output voltage:11.0-23.1V Output current:0.01-5.00A View
  • Product number:UES240-XXXYYYSPA-OP(Medical Adapter) Power:240W The output voltage:12.00-48.00V Output current:0.01-18.0A View
  • Product number:UES15-SPA-OP Power:15W The output voltage:12.0V Output current:0.01-1.25A View
  • Product number:UE63-XXXYYYSPA-OP(Medical Adapter) Power:63W The output voltage:18.0V Output current:0.01-3.50A View
  • Product number:UES90-XXXYYYSPA-OP1(Medical Adapter) Power:90W The output voltage:12.0-48.0V Output current:0.01-7.00A View
  • Product number:UES50D1-SPA Power:50W The output voltage:50.0-56.0V Output current:0.01-0.90A View
  • Product number:UES150-SPA-OP(Medical Adapter) Power:150W The output voltage:12.00-48.00V Output current:0.01-12.00A View
  • Product number:UE30WC-SPA Power:30W The output voltage:12.0V Output current:0.01-2.50A View
  • Product number:UES12WV1-SPA Power:12W The output voltage:12.0V Output current:0.01-1.0A View
  • Product number:UE24LI-SPA Power:24W The output voltage:12V Output current:0.01-2.00A View
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